A message from the Artist

“These paintings are based on the life of Leonardo Da Vinci, not as a homage, but due to visions so persistently haunting, that its full comprehension completely transformed the way I perceived Implausibilities and Negativities that lay within my soul.

When the hindrances resulting from the Implausibilities and Negativities of “Hows, Whys, whens, wheres buts, ifs whats” were utterly annihilated, I came to experience that there is soul and that it is Eternal.

The above conclusion drawn by me is in concurrence with those perfect souls, who have come to dwell on this Earth from time to time. I thank them for having guided me through most complex maze of many a lifetime.

Here, I share my experiences in a way that the Past, the Present and the Future converge to an interactive process not only between I and the viewer, but eventually the viewer and his own conscience. It will thus become an inward journey for any Individual open, to partake in the mysterious process of the Universal metamorphsis so integral to Leonardo Da Vinci.

I request the viewer to study these paintings well and in all their minutes, for they have the potential to answer the prevailing questions about Leonardo as also the persistent and pertinent questions regarding one’s own Existence.

Now I shall let Leonardo prevail, but before I do, I urge viewers to consider all the poems and writings mentioned here in as an extension of the paintings themselves”

— Bharat Dalal


Bharat Dalal

1955 - 2018

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